Kinesio taping

Kinesio tape represents an elastic adhesive cotton tape. In terms of properties and elasticity degree, this tape resembles human skin, and its application excites positive sensory reaction. Therefore, an applied tape simultaneously activates and fixes muscles, making them work properly.

Effects produced by Kinesio taping:

  • Regulates muscle tone
  • Improves small and large motorics
  • Increases the range of movements
  • Reduces edema and congestion
  • Develops self-service skills
  • Relieves pain in injured areas
  • Increases stamina


  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down syndrome
  • Birth traumas (including torticollis)
  • Deformation of feet (including flat feet)
  • Deformation of lower limbs
  • Delayed development of large and small motorics
  • Neurological disorders
  • Injuries
  • Edemas
  • Muscle tone disorders
  • Posture disorders


  • Individual intolerance
  • Skin damage (wounds, trophic ulcers, etc.) in the place of application
  • Systemic diseases (including cancer)
  • Thrombosis of deep veins in lower limbs

Duration of the procedure15-60 min.

The procedure performed by: Dmytro Rikkert

Kinesio taping, photo 1
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