Dolphin therapy method

Dolphin therapy is a method of medical and psychological rehabilitation and correction of children with various developmental disorders.

Effects of dolphin therapy on the child:

Our dolphin therapy course is designed for 5 or 10 sessions 25 minutes each.

We offer dolphin therapy courses for children aged between 2 and 14 years.

This treatment course is a specific-purpose therapeutic, correctional and rehabilitation work that takes into account specifics of the child’s disorder.

Session program:

  1. Greeting: establishing contact with a psychologist and a dolphin.
  2. Adaptation: deepening the contact, developing and relaxing exercises, direct interaction with a dolphin on the platform (10 minutes).
  3. Game part: using elements of game therapy, fairy tale therapy, art therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (5 minutes).
  4. Aquatic part: interaction between the child and the dolphin in a swimming pool; swimming and playing with dolphins, relaxing exercises, ultrasound procedures (10 minutes).
  5. Concluding part: summing up the session’s results, working out positive sensations and emotions, parting with dolphins.

A close contact between the child and the dolphin is the starting point for all subsequent changes. Since dolphins have the ability for interspecific communication, they can find various ways of communicating with the child and flexibly change behavior depending on the game partner’s abilities and particular features. Mutual interest and gravitation between the child and the dolphin creates desire for changes, discovery and mastery of something new. And most importantly, sessions with dolphins give the child joy and fill him with positive emotions.

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