Aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is a whole complex of exercises performed in water and featuring high aerobic load. The effectiveness of this form of therapy is high а, because exercises in water engage all muscle groups. Aquatic therapy sessions at Nemo Dolphinarium are held in the company of marine mammals, which significantly increases the effectiveness of exercises and produces positive effect on your psycho-emotional state.


various forms of arthritis

backache, osteochondrosis

problems in joints, osteoporosis

obesity, metabolic disorder

frequent cold, chronic respiratory diseases, asthma

emotional or physical stress, tiredness

disorders in cardiovascular system

low muscle tone, apathy

problems in musculoskeletal system, cerebral palsy

delayed psycho-speech development in children and mental retardation in adults


minimal brain dysfunction

neuroses, chronic tiredness syndrome, depression

for newborns (not only as an excellent muscle development method but also a chance to get rid of muscle tone)



Bypassed hydrocephalus

Acute infectious diseases

Chronic infectious diseases (acute phase)


Congenital or acquired cardiac valve disorders (decompensation degree)

Chronic and acute suppurative dermatoses

Infectious dermatoses

Expressive ichthyosis

Psoriasis affecting substantial area (over 70% of skin)


Fungal diseases on skin or nail plates

Acute psychotic diseases

First trimester of pregnancy

Duration of the procedure: 25 min

The procedure performed by:  , Yuri Pavlov

Aquatic therapy, photo 1
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