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Dolphin-assisted therapy in Kharkiv

To sign up for dolphin-assisted therapy
course you can via phone:

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Other services of the division of Dolphin therapy 

The project «Rehabilitation and human recovery with the help of dolphin therapist» is conducted within program of Cultural and Recreation complex “Nemo”. It is based on rehabilitation and human recovery who suffers from various pathologies.

Dolphin-assisted therapy in Kharkiv – is one of the most effective alternative, non-traditional methods of psycho-therapy. The interaction of man and dolphin is laying in the basis of psycho-therapy. This process is supervised by a number of professionals: doctors, psychologists (psycho-therapists, speech pathologists and teachers).

Dolphin-assisted therapy is one of the most popular and fastest growing methods of animal-assisted therapy. Through researches it was proved that dolphin-assisted therapy positively affects and helps during process of treatment of:

  • various functional disabilities, that accompany organic lesion of nervous system;
  • post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD);
  • delay speech and mental development (DSMD);
  • early child autism (RDA) and Asperger’s syndrome;
  • down syndrome;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome (aesthetic syndrome);
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);
  • muscle fatigue;
  • anorexia nervosa;
  • child cerebral palsy;
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system.

Dolphin-assisted therapy activates all vital organism functions, provides general health recovery of the child, improves health and mood, and can also help to uncover potential creativity and shape child personality.

The effect of Dolphin-assisted therapy is greatly enhanced when carrying out it together with the classic types of therapy. Therefore, the Kharkiv Cultural and Wellness center provides the opportunity to attend additional consultations of specialists and undergo a number of procedures:

Therapeutic massage helps to relax the muscles hypertonus, has a sedative effect on hyperkinesis separate groups of muscles, stimulates and tones of their functions.

— Therapeutic exercise promotes the development of the child's ability to inhibit the movements, control them, can improve coordination, increase range of motion.

Aquatherapy is a specially designed program of water exercises aimed at maintaining the overall tone of the body, as well as to correct and prevent a variety of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, as well as rehabilitation after injury.

Dolphin treatment is contraindicated within:

  • epilepsy;
  • cancer;
  • and skin infections diseases

Special trained animals with «good character» take part in the therapy. During the interaction with a patient, a dolphin becomes nature ultrasonic sonar. The cerebral cortex of the patient is stimulated with the help of direct contact with animals. The result is a corresponding positive effect.

The therapy process in Kharkiv dolphinarium «Nemo» includes individual approach to every patient. Experienced dolphin-assisted therapists are designing individual program for every patient based on the diagnosis, age and personal abilities.

Thus, in some cases the method of free interaction with animals is used with minimal participation of experts (based on this method the client (patient) can build a relationship with a dolphin, to choose possible and acceptable way of interaction; the role of experts is limited by supervision and control of the safety of patients and dolphins). Thus, in some cases, the method of free interaction with the animals, in which experts take minimal participation (on the basis of this direction the client (patient) may itself to build a relationship with a dolphin, choose how to interact within acceptable possibilities, the role of specialists is limited supervision and control of the safety of customers and dolphins).

There is also a possibility to use a specially organized interaction method. Communication with animals is held with the help of specialists (doctors, psycho-therapists, psychologists etc). In this case the type and the nature of dolphin-assisted therapy is based on the aim of the session. This method of dolphin-assisted therapy solves several of problems: psycho-therapeutic, psycho-correction, psycho-prophylaxis, physiotherapeutic, pedagogical. Assigned tasks depend on client’s requests and specialists that will be the last important point in the therapeutic chain.

This technology was developed by specialists of the center under the guidance of A.P.Chuprikov, professor, Doctor of Medical Science. In this methodology many factors were taken into account: starting from individual characteristics of bottle-nosed dolphins to the matching pair of bottle-nosed dolphin-patient for participating in dolphin-assisted therapy sessions and the diagnosis of the patient. Due to practical and theoretical knowledge in medical practice, A.P.Chuprikov proposed to implement animal-assisted therapy in medical practice as a method of healing and rehabilitation of children with functional disabilities.

Experts of the Center designed modeling methods of bottle-nosed dolphins behavior under various physiological conditions of the human body as well as ways of dolphin’s preparation to the session. These experts are: E.V.Komogorov, D.A.Uryvsky. D.V.Mironov, specialist of veterinary medicine N.M.Markanov, candidate of veterinary sciences O.S. Ushakov.

Read more on Dolphin, see «Psychological mechanisms» and «Physiological mechanisms».

With practical suggestions for the preparation of the child for the course of Dolphin therapy can be found here.